“Glocalisation and Vietnam – Maximising the Benefits” at VUS TESOL 2018

VUS TESOL is an annual event to provide the information about the latest news and trends in teaching English to Vietnamese and Asian English educators. Contributing to the theme of this year conference: “Glocalised ELT: Trends and practices” are 16 topics presented by well-known speakers coming from the most famous publishers and education organizations such as Dai Truong Phat Education Group, Macmillan, New York City College of Technology, National Geographic Learning, Oxford University Press, Pearson, Cambridge University Press, RMIT University, …

Represented for Dai Truong Phat Group joining in the conference this year, Mr. Grant Trew – Education Group Director, had successfully hosted the plenary session with the topic “Glocalisation and Vietnam – Maximising the Benefits” about what elements from international ELT can benefit local teachers and learners, and the reasons why they may require some adaptation to best match the local context.

During the conference, Dai Truong Phat Education Group also introduced some highlight products, especially ELT materials and educational equipment, at our stand, which attracted interest and attention from many attendees at our stand.


Click here to download the plenary presentation in PDF. We would love to hear more about your opinions about the ELT trends in Vietnam and Asia, or if you’re interested in our other workshops, leave us a message here. And we shall see you in the upcoming events of Dai Truong Phat Education JSC.