Upper-Intermediate Test Bank MultiROM



Welcome to the Solutions Upper-Intermediate Test Bank MultiROM – the complete teacher resource for continuous assessment, with materials that you can customize for your students and your teaching situation.

This MultiROM works in two ways:
In your computer it has tests as PDFs and Word documents, and answer keys.
In your CD player you can play the audio tracks for the listening exercises.

The tests on this CD-ROM

All the tests are provided as PDFs PDF and as Word documents Word doc – the content is the same. You can print out the PDFs and use them as they are. (If you don't have Adobe Reader, get it from the Adobe website.) If you want to adapt the tests, you can edit the Word documents and save them on your computer. If you have any problems opening the documents, go to the documents folder on the MultiROM.

There are two versions (A and B) of the Progress tests and Cumulative tests. If your students don't copy each other then you can just use the A tests. If your students do copy each other then put them in pairs, one with an A test and one with a B test – it's almost impossible for them to copy each other's answers. (The A and B tests cover exactly the same material, but the questions have been reorganized.)

All the tests can be photocopied freely for classroom use. They may not be sold without the permission of Oxford University Press.

Guidelines for adapting the tests

You might want to add something extra you taught in class, remove something you decided to omit or didn't have time to teach, or even personalize the exercises. You can easily do this by:

You might also want to:

Remember to save your customized tests on your computer if you want to use them again.

Short tests for each unit of the book

time 10 minutes

There are two Short tests for each unit. They’re quick to administer and quick to mark. They test Grammar, Vocabulary and Everyday English. Each test lasts 10 minutes. The first test in the unit covers the language learnt from lessons A, B and C in each unit, the second test covers lessons D, E and F.

Progress tests for each unit of the book – A and B versions

time 40 minutes

There is one test per unit. These comprehensive tests cover Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Listening for each unit of Solutions Upper-Intermediate. Each test also includes an optional writing activity that students can do at home or in another lesson. Each test is arranged in two versions (A and B tests). The tests supplied as Word documents are the same as the version A of the test supplied as PDFs.

Cumulative tests (Units 1–5 and Units 6–10) – A and B versions

time 40 minutes

These Cumulative tests cover the first and second halves of Solutions Upper-Intermediate. They are extended tests which cover Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading and Listening. Each test also includes an optional writing activity that students can do at home or in another lesson. Each test is arranged in two versions (A and B tests).

Audio tracks

The Progress tests and Cumulative tests include listening exercises. The scripts for this material can be found by clicking on 'Tapescripts' in the main menu. The audio tracks are on this disk, and will play in a normal CD player.

Progress tests Units 1–10track
Progress test 1 1
Progress test 22
Progress test 3 3
Progress test 4 4
Progress test 5 5
Progress test 6 6
Progress test 7 7
Progress test 8 8
Progress test 9 9
Progress test 1010
Cumulative teststrack
Units 1–5 11
Units 6–10 12

Results table

We’ve provided a table which enables you to keep a record of your students’ results in all the tests included on this MultiROM.

Short tests 1–10

Short test 1

Short test 2

Short test 3

Short test 4

Short test 5

Short test 6

Short test 7

Short test 8

Short test 9

Short test 10

Progress Tests 1–10

Progress Test 1

Progress Test 2

Progress Test 3

Progress Test 4

Progress Test 5

Progress Test 6

Progress Test 7

Progress Test 8

Progress Test 9

Progress Test 10

Cumulative Tests Units 1–5 and Units 6–10

Cumulative tests Units 1–5

Cumulative tests Units 6–10


Results table